Crysis 2 fanfiction. By: Heal
Crysis 2 belongs to Crytek

Summary: After destroyed The Ceph on New York. Alcatraz was tired with the suit. So he asked Gould to take it off from him. Gould said without the suit, he could be die, but...that young marine was ready of any risk. What would Alcatraz do after his battle at New York?



"Alcatraz...where are you?'

"Alcatraz! Help me!"


That young man woke from his long sleep. He looked around, everything was in white. Suddenly, those memory came back. His memory about Prophet, the battle at New York. He didn't want to come back to any mission like that anymore. He saved New York, but he knew, they still far away from the winning. The Ceph had been being all around the world. And Alcatraz knew, he could be called for this duty again.

"Alcatraz! Finally..."

A mid age thin man walked in to the white room.

"Where am I, Gould?"

"'s the first time I hear you talk!"

Alcatraz sighed then tried to go down from his bed. But Dr. Nathan Gould pulled him back to the bed.

"Aww! That's...hurt..." he grimaced. Then he realized, his nanosuit wasn't on his body.

"You're in a recovery, man...As you know, you sustained some heavy injure..."

Alcatraz stared forward...his sight was empty.

"You successed to take it off? I'm alive..."

"You've been unconscious for 1 week..."

"One week?"

"Yeah, how do you feel now?"

Alcatraz tried to take a deep breath, but it still felt painful. Then he tried for the other parts of his body. He smiled because it felt better. Yeah, he still remembered how painful it was when he and the other marines were attacked by an alien ship.

"It's hurt when I take a deep breath..." Alcatraz pouted.

Gould then took care of him. Gave some medicine, injection, and medical check.

"How's the city?"

"Same with you...still in recovery..."

Alcatraz nodded, then he remembered of his dream.



"Gould, is there a girl who is looking for me?"

Gould thought for a moment, then he shook his head.

"Oh, God..."

"What's the matter? You have a girlfriend in New York?"

Alcatraz nodded. He was afraid she didn't make it.

"Can you help me, Gould? Can you find her for me?" Alcatraz begged.

Gould fixed his glasses position. "I'll ask Ms. Strickland for this thing..."

Before Gould went out from the room he turned back and stared at the young man. Gould felt sad...of something that might be happened to that young man.

*end of prologue