The jungle flora obscured my view of the Korean outpost. Colonel
Strickland's orders were clear: shut down the radar jammer in the KPA
checkpoint. I leaned against a tree and pulled up my faithful binocs
to my eyes. Seven, eight, maybe nine hostiles. I sidestepped around
the beastly tree and slowly made my way through the undergrowth.
Stealth was key for the approach I preferred. Once I was close enough
to be easily spotted by my enemies' eyes, I switched my suit to
cloaking mode. Damn, why didn't they include some camo coloring in
these billion-dollar exoskeletons? I felt naked without my suit's
maximum armor setting turned on, but engaging both the cloak and armor
functions of the suit consumed too much charge. Methodically, I crept
forward invisibly and then hit the dirt as my suit recharged. The
repetition might have bored me, were I not deep in the territory of
foreigners bent on murdering 'the Americans'.
I was out of the woods now. The outer wall of the compound was just
ahead. I darted forward, then went prone with my side hugging the
wall, as my suit powered up. Just then a patrol strolled out from
within the perimeter, straight into my line of sight. He'd notice me
in a second or two! I had no choice; my two silenced pistols, laser
sights and all, swung up and centered on the man's torso. Pop pop pop!
The first two rounds entered his torso, and recoil caused the third
round to be a headshot. He was dead before he slumped to the ground,
noiselessly. Almost instinctively, I switched my suit's functionality
to agility and dashed away to a different section of the wall.
Wouldn't want to get caught at the scene of the crime. Hopefully I -
damn! The alarms were raised, and angry Korean shouts filled the air.
There goes my stealth approach...
My legs were infused with power as I switched my suit to strength.
Snatching a Korean shotgun from my back, I effortlessly leaped over
the wall. I centered my iron sights on a surprised Korean face at the
peak of my jump, and pulled the trigger. Another one fell as I
descended. All the Koreans were rushing to the sounds of gunfire now.
I switched my suit one last time, to its maximum armor capacity, and
took cover as I pulled out my rifle. Suddenly standing up, I shot down
one hostile before he could get his gun up. A few bullets caught my
suit from 10 o'clock, but I gunned down my assailant before he could
lay down any more. I darted forward and dove to the ground, whipping
up my weapon and shooting at a Korean running across the open road for
cover. He dodged my shots for a few seconds, since his movement was
perpendicular to my line of fire. He went down eventually though. They
always do. An igniting engine's rumble caught my attention, from
behind a dirty shack. Around the corner came a camouflaged military
jeep, with a hostile in the driver, passenger, and gunner seats. The
higher caliber bullets from the turret hit my suit hard; I was down to
no charge before I could get behind cover. Fortunately for me, I had a
few frags dangling from my waist.
I took a deep breath to prepare as shots began to destroy the tin
metal I was hiding behind. I pulled the pin from a frag and threw it
in the general direction of the jeep. An explosion rent the air, but
the jeep kept firing. Not hard enough. I stepped out from my cover to
aim my second grenade's throw. The gun trained on me in an instant.
The grenade left my hand as my suit's armor gave out again. I heard a
rustling in the grass and dirt by my feet as I crouched back behind my
dilapidated metal cover. Enemy frag! No time even to switch to my
suit's maximum speed, I practically dove away from the grenade. BOOM!

My reflexes weren't fast enough.