"Character is what a man is in the dark."
- Dwight L. Moody

I'd never been afraid of the dark before. Even when I was little, I never needed a night-light and rarely did I have bad dreams. I couldn't say the same these days. Not since he stepped into our lives and exposed us to a world that none of us could have ever believed existed.

Even though everything has gone back to normal what happened in this sleepy little suburb of Las Vegas and the dozen other places with countless victims won't soon be forgotten to those who experienced it. We go on with our lives and pretend everything is normal. We pretend that we're happy and we can joke, talk, smile and laugh like everything is okay. But more often than not I wake up in a cold sweat, remembering in my dreams what I can put away during the day.

The dark always seems to draw out people's worst fears and it's in the dark where this story begins.

Disclaimer: I don't own Fright Night or most of the characters involved in this story. I know this is ridiculously short, but Chapter One should be up sometime tomorrow night. Thanks for reading!