Theme Song: "Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do" ~ Fright Night II Soundtrack

It was around nine on Sunday morning when Charley awakened in bed. After sitting up in bed and letting out a morning yawn, he swung his legs out of bed and was about to get up - then he felt it. His hand touched a small, glass object on the bed. As he looked over at what his hand was touching, he saw a small, rectangular glass vial filled with blood. The vial was a made into a necklace with a thick, black cord looped through a tiny hole at the top of the vial. What this was Charley wasn't sure, but seeing as how the vial was filled with blood, he was almost sure who it was from. With quickness, Charley jumped up out of bed, ran to his bedroom door and ran out. As he rushed downstairs and into the kitchen, he saw Jerry and Billy sitting at the table talking.

"Oh, look who's up." Billy said with a smile.

Jerry looked back and Charley and smiled.

"Oh morning, Charley," Jerry replied with a smile. "How did you sleep?"

"What the hell is this, Jerry?!" Charley snapped while holding the vial necklace in front of Jerry's eyes to see.

Jerry's smile disappeared and he and Billy exchanged stares that looked as if they were both deer caught in headlights.

"Oh um, Charley, sit down and let me talk to you for a minute." Jerry said.

"No, just tell me what this is." Charley snapped. "Is this blood from some girl you killed?"

"No, it's blood from your mother - Charley." Billy said with an attitude type smirk.

"What?!" Charley snapped.

"Billy, would you give us a moment?" Jerry asked.

Billy shrugged and nodded before getting up and walking out.

"Tell me you didn't get this from my mother?!" Charley snapped. "How?! Why?!"

"I did it to help you." Jerry replied. "I -"

"Help me?!" Charley cut in. "Help me how?! You sick bastard! My mother isn't one of your victims! She was my mother and you - where's the rest of her blood?! What, do you have that in some storage in the basement for your casual feedings - "

"Charley stop!" Jerry shouted with anger. "I went to the funeral home where her body was prepared and I took some of her blood just to put in that vial for you! So that you would have a piece of her with you - whenever, where ever, just like Regine and I had with our parents. We each had vials of our parents' blood and we wore it everyday for eighteen years - until we - became what we are today. It helped us during our grieving, it made us feel that they never really left us and were still there. So I went and got some of your mother's blood for you, so you could have a part of her with you, and so you would see that you're not alone, because she's still with you."

Charley stared down at the vial necklace in his hand and frowned with emotion.

"That's all I did, Charley." Jerry continued. "I just didn't want you feeling that emptiness that Regine and I felt after losing our parents."

"Wow. Thank you," Charley said in a low tone. "I'm sorry I jumped down your throat. I appreciate this. I really do."

"You don't have to thank me," Jerry replied. "We're friends, remember?"

Charley looked away and smirked as Jerry pulled him into a light, brief hug.