~ Chapter I ~

It was a Friday evening when seventeen year old Charley Brewster came speeding his car up to the front of his house, 80's music blaring from it. As Charley turned his engine off and whistled as he got out of the car, books in hand, he strolled up the steps of his mother's house, unlocked the door and went inside.

"Mom! I'm home!" Charley called as he dropped his keys on a table by the door. The house was quiet - eerily quiet.

"Mom?" Charley called out as he walked into the living room. Immediately, he stopped in his tracks at the sight in front of him.

"Mom?" Charley called out as he saw his mother lying across the sofa, eyes closed, resembling someone who was lifeless. As Charley dropped the books in his hand, rushed over to his mother and shook her, tears filled his eyes, tears of fear.

"Mom? Mom!" Charley yelled out as he shook his mother with force. "Mom! Mom no!"

Immediately, Charley jumped up and ran to the phone, picked it up and dialed. The three ring tones he heard on the other end of the line felt like ringing tones that went on for hours before he heard someone's voice on the other end of the line.

"Hello 9-1-1 what's your emergency?" A female voice said on the other end of the line.

"My - my mom, she's - she's unconscious," Charley said with a tearful voice and with tears streaming from his eyes. "She's - she's - oh God I think she's dead!"

"Ok sir, what's your name and address?" The operator replied as Charley dropped down to his knees and broke into sobs. "Sir?"

Charley couldn't even respond, all he could do was remain there, on his knees, in sobs, knowing, feeling that his life would never be the same again.

~ Later ~

As Charley sat on the steps of his mother's home, his hands clasped together in front of his mouth, the lights of the police and paramedics illuminated Oak Street. Charley's mind was racing with thoughts, thoughts and memories of his mother, the last conversation he had with his mother that morning, a conversation over his last Trigonometry test. As Charley replayed he and his mother's last conversation in his mind, he closed his eyes shut with a hurt frown, as tears streamed down from his closed eyes. He couldn't believe it, he couldn't believe that just that morning, she was alive, alive and fine and now, now she was gone. Not only that but now Charley had no one, no family, except distant ones whom he didn't know well at all. His mother was an only child and his grandparents had both died when Charley was just six years old. So who would take care of him now? Before Charley could think of anything else, he heard the clicking of wheels behind him, and as he looked behind him, he saw two men wheeling his mother's body, which was in a zipped up body bag, on a stretcher down the steps of the house. As the two men were wheeling the body towards the coroner van, Charley jumped up.

"Wait!" Charley said as he ran over to his mother's body. "Let me say goodbye."

As one of the men wheeling the body nodded to Charley, Charley unzipped the body bag and stared at his mother's lifeless body with tearful eyes, within seconds he broke down into light sobs before kissing her on the forehead.

"I love you mom." Charley said tearfully.

As one of the men wheeling the body zipped the body bag back up and as both men continued wheeling the body away, Charley stared on, once again with streaming tears.

Next door, Billy was standing on the front porch, watching the entire situation. A few seconds later, Jerry walked out onto the front porch and over to Billy.

"What's going on out here?" Jerry asked.

"The kid's mother croaked." Billy said with a brief, faint smirk and a shake of his head.

Jerry shot a look over at Billy with instant shock.

"Charley's mother?" Jerry asked. "When was this?"

Billy shrugged.

"Who knows," Billy replied, "but the paramedics and police have been out here for a while now.

Jerry sighed as he stood there watching the situation next door, as much as he despised Charley, he had to admit he felt a little sympathy for the kid, losing his mother. For Jerry knew what it was like to lose a parent. He not only lost his mother but his father as well, back when he was a mortal, four hundred years ago, and it was devastating to him. So he knew the grief of losing a parent all too well.

As Charley was about to turn and walk back in the house, an officer walked up after him and grabbed his arm.

"Ok you're going to come with me," the officer said.

Charley yanked away from the officer with sharpness.

"What?" Charley snapped. "No why?"

"You're under eighteen," the officer replied, "you can't stay here by yourself, you're a minor, so we're taking you to a nice temporary place -"

"You mean a foster home!" Charley snapped. "I'm not going to some foster home, are you nuts?! I can take care of myself!"

"No you can not!" The officer retorted. "You're a minor -"

"I'm SEVENTEEN!" Charley snapped.

"You're still a minor!" The cop snapped back, "and since you are, I have no other choice but to take you to Sherman's Home, until we can reach a relative who can take you in their care. Now it's a nice foster home -"

"No!" Charley snapped. "I'm not going!"

"Officer wait, what are you doing? I'm his uncle and I live next door. Charley called me and told me what happened and I rushed straight home from work. I'll take guardianship over him from here." Jerry said as he walked up behind Charley.

Immediately Charley turned around and stared at Jerry as if he were nuts. The officer did as well as he raised an eyebrow at Jerry in slight disbelief.

"You're this kid's uncle?" The officer asked.

"Yeah so he can come stay at my home." Jerry replied while staring dead on into the officer's eyes.

Charley stared at Jerry in disbelief, disbelief at how quickly he came up with such an intricate lie.

"Well," the officer said with a sigh and a slight shake of his head. "alright and what's your full name and number sir?"

"Um Jerry Dandrige," Jerry replied, "the number's 555-1247."

The officer nodded as he wrote on a small notepad.

"Good," the officer replied. "I'll give your information to CPS for them to take further steps in guardianship. Charley, I'm sorry for your loss."

As the officer turned and walked away, Charley's eyes remain locked on Jerry, locked in a complete state of disbelief.

"What the hell did you just do?" Charley snapped.

"I saved you from being dragged away to some crappy foster home," Jerry replied. "You're welcome, come on, you can stay at my place for the night."

"What, are you crazy? Hell no." Charley snapped.

"What do you mean no?" Jerry replied. "You have to, you heard him -"

"You're a VAMPIRE Jerry! An evil son of a bitch at that, there's no way I'm staying with you!" Charley snapped.

"Oh alright and what if an officer comes back here later tonight? Then what Charley?" Jerry snapped. "Look I'm just trying to - be nice and - help you -"

"Well take your help and SHOVE it." Charley snapped. "I didn't need your help a few minutes and I don't WANT it now. Just leave me the hell alone."

Before Jerry could say anything else, Charley turned and stormed off towards his house, going inside and slamming the door behind him, as Jerry stared on with a look of slight hurt. As billy walked up behind Jerry and patted Jerry on the back, Jerry looked down and to his left with a scoff and a shake of his head.

"You alright Jerr?" Billy asked.

Jerry continued staring at Charley's house, a conflicted expression forming slightly on his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Jerry lied before turning and walking away, back towards his own house.