It was a beautiful day in the Great Barrier Reef. All of a sudden, crying can be heard across the den, where the Tank Gang used to live.

Trixie was staring at her little cousin Mal, who was wailing for everything. She knew that Mal was indeed mischievous, seeing her aunt Peach and aunt Gill aiding her to be happy.

Her parents were helping the others: Gurgle, Bloat and Jacques who were getting Mal's baby stuff.

"Don't just stand there, gang! Help my daughter!" Gill was yelling sternly at them, but reassuring Trixie that her cousin will be happy soon.

Peach was giving Mal a bottle of milk, and once Mal held it, she got her mood stern, and gently shoved her mother's arm out. Then, Mal smiled in a bossy mood.

The next day…

Mal was messing up the breakfast table, scaring her family. Jacques was shakinh in fear, trying to avoid and clean it all up. Gill and Peach were getting annoyed with what happened.

"Hey!" Gurgle yelled.

"Keep it together, Mal!" Bloat chimed in fear to his little niece.

"Whoa!" Trixie squealed in fear as the mess continued.

Bubbles and Deb reassured their daughter with comfort.

Once it started happening, it continued at that time, and even in the middle of the night; Mal was crying loudly, waking up her family.

"I'm up! I'm up!" Trixie yelped.

"GANG! HURRY UP! OUR DAUGHTER'S SO HARD!" Gill was screaming sleepily to his gang.

"We're coming, Gill!" Bloat called.

Gurgle was yelping tiredly, with Jacques, Bubbles and Deb following behind.

"Mom, dad?" Trixie said out.

"Stay here, dear, we're helping out with your cousin," Deb said calmly to Trixie, who nodded and laid back.

Bubbles gave his daughter a goodnight kiss, and he saw Trixie smoothly falling right back to sleep. Then, Bubbles followed Deb into their leader's den.

As Gill and Peach gave Mal a toy, she shook it, and threw it away. Mal was breathing angrily while looking at her parents as Gill and Peach held onto each other with fear and concern.

Once things were made by her immediate satisfaction, Mal had a fit. As she gasped while holding her breath, she lets out a loud, piercing scream.


Trixie was screaming as she shot up,


"Where's the bottle?!" Deb called out.

"SHE HAS TO HAVE HER BOTTLE!" Bubbles complained.

The other Tank Gang members were dashing around to help make Mal happy. In annoyance, Trixie hopped out of bed and looked up at her uncle Gill, whom she shook.

"Uncle Gill, I can't sleep!" Trixie complained.

"I know, Trixie, me neither, it's just that your little cousin needs a lot of attention right now," Gill replied as he soothed his niece with comfort.

As Mal's loud crying can be heard, Gill added quickly to Trixie,

"Okay, good talk!"

As the Tank Gang members felt relieved, Mal was drinking her bottle, she frowned at Trixie.

Trixie whimpered.

One morning, the Tank Gang were planning a dinner with Nemo, Marlin and Dory. Time went on until the three came to visit the Tank Gang.

Once Nemo, Marlin and Dory came for dinner, they noticed Trixie frowning at Mal. The three were concerned, but the Tank Gang told them everything. Then, Nemo, Marlin and Dory understood.

As Trixie noticed her drink spilled too much while pouring it in her cup, she yelled in frustration and said,

"Okay, we need to talk!"

Nemo, Marlin, Dory and the Tank Gang stared in unison and confusion.

"In private?" Trixie whispered while looking at Gill and Peach.

"About what, honey?" Peach asked.

"About the baby," Trixie replied in a whisper.

"Why, Trixie?" Gill asked with a slight chuckle.

"Why?! Because she began driving us crazy!" Trixie yelled in frustration.

Nemo felt concerned while trying to reassure his little cousin, but Marlin reassured him that everything will be under control.

"C'mon, Mal is your little cousin, Trixie. Give this a chance!" Dory told Trixie.

"How, Ms. Dory? How can we trust her?" Trixie replied with a glare.

Mal frowned, and shook a little bit with anger while glaring at Trixie.

"Oh, relax, she's just a baby," Marlin told his niece.

Mal lets out a shout, causing a small mess around her family.

"Eew, yuck!" Gurgle complained, as if he had baby food around his face.

Bloat facepalmed himself while chuckling at Mal. Jacques helped out cleaning the mess. Bubbles and Deb reassured Trixie that her little cousin needs time to take it.

As Nemo was told by the Tank Gang to stay for the night, Marlin and Dory told Nemo to be good. Nemo agreed; once Marlin and Dory left to their own neighborhood to sleep, Nemo was tucked in the living room, Gill placed the blanket on his godson.

Gill nuzzled Nemo with passion and love, Nemo fell right to sleep. Trixie was tucked in her room by Bubbles and Deb, who already fell to sleep in their own room. Gurgle, Bloat and Jacques were bunking together in their den, asleep; finally, Gill met up with Peach and Mal, who was already asleep. Kissing their daughter goodnight, Gill and Peach fell asleep.

It was midnight; Mal was making infant sounds, but quietly, as if she didn't want to wake her parents up; Gill was changing positions while sleeping soundly, and Peach was cuddling him in her sleep. Mal giggled mischievously and swam near the dens, and even the living room where Nemo was sleeping. Mal reached to her older cousin Trixie's room, and she saw Trixie asleep with her toy. Mal snickered, and swam close to Trixie, who changed positions.

"BOO!" Mal yelled out.

Trixie shot up, and fell from her bed.

"AHHHH! Help! Help!" she screamed out.

Nemo and the Tank Gang shot up, and came to the commotion. Nemo was reassuring Trixie with comfort while Bubbles and Deb did the same.

"Oh, young lady, you shouldn't be out of your bed," Gill said as he picked up Mal, who felt a little but fussy. Peach was helping out Gill by setting their daughter back to bed.

"I'm scared!" Trixie whimpered.

"It'll be okay, Trixie, we'll take care of it in the morning," Nemo said, almost tiring out.

Trixie felt Nemo comfort her, and surely tired out, too.

Gurgle, Bloat and Jacques helped cleaned up the commotion, as if Mal was messing up his older cousin's room a little bit, though.

When the three were done, they placed Nemo back in the living room couch, tucking him to sleep. Bubbles and Deb tucked Trixie back to bed, kissing her goodnight again with passion. Then, the two fell back asleep. Gurgle, Bloat and Jacques were asleep in their den; Nemo was asleep in the living room; lastly, Gill and Peach were asleep together with their daughter Mal sucking on her pacifier her parents put in her mouth.


The next morning, tge sun shone through the ocean slides in the Great Barrier Reef. Marlin was asleep, alone in his sea anemone, next to Dory, who was talking in her sleep in her home.

Suddenly, Dory bumped her head at the top of the entrance of her home.

"Ow!" she yelped.

Dory woke herself up, and checked on Marlin.

"Marlin?" she asked, but got stung in the anemone!

Once Dory yelped, Marlin bursts himself awake, panicking,

"I'm up! I'm up!"

Marlin woke himself up, and told Dory that they must check on how Nemo and the Tank Gang were doing. Dory nodded as she and Marlin cleaned themselves up and swam their way to the Tank Gang's neighborhood.

Once they reached there, Nemo and the Tank Gang noticed it, and swam to Marlin and Dory.

They exchanged hugs and handshakes with their fins.

Marlin and Dory asked the Tank Gang of how Mal went. Nemo and the Tank Gang told them that Mal went pretty smooth. Marlin and Dory sighed in relief. Then, Nemo, Trixie and Mal, who went pretty smooth, began playing with each other while Marlin and Dory and the Tank Gang were talking with each other.

Thankfully, their day went pretty smooth and perfect, indeed.