Authors note

As requested by Magical Hyena! Story takes place before the fish had kids !I Hope you like it ! This will be a short fanfic! This the sequel to Gill's Horror Rage

It was beautiful morning in the Great Barrier Reef! The sun rises over the horizon and creates a glimmer effect on the water's surface! As The sun light shines on the House of Marlin and Nemo, As Marlin and Nemo are still sound asleep in there bed and Nemo moaned and change positions and Marlin did the same! As Dory was sound asleep in her bed, Dory was talking in her sleep than she bumped the side of her head on the side of her den , As Dory decided to wake up, Dory open her eyes slowly and stretched her fins and tail!

As Dory got up and Cleaned up and Once She got situated and soon moments later , Marlin and Nemo were already awake and ready to go with there day! As Dory wondered what they are gonna be doing today , Nemo tells Dory that there going to see there friends, The Tank Gang!

As Dory cheered and loved the idea! As They headed over to meet up with the Tank Gang! Once Marlin, Dory and Nemo arrived in the Tank Gang's neighborhood and The Tank Gang saw Marlin, Dory and Nemo! They waved to Marlin, Dory and Nemo, As Marlin, Dory and Nemo waved back! As Dory replies, Hi everyone! Nemo replies hi Guys! Marlin replies, Hello ! As The Tank Gang members replies, In unison, Hi Marlin! Dory! Nemo! As They exchanged handshake with there fins! As Nemo looked for Gill, As Nemo replies! Wait Where's Gill at? Dory replies with concern , How's he doing! Deb replies! No worries Dears! Gill just need a rest a lot from what happened the other day with Gill's incident !

As Nemo understands why ! Nemo replies, Oh that makes sense ! Bloat replies! The doctor is checking on Gill right now why don't go see how he's doing , what you say Sharkbait! Nemo replies! Okay Bloat ! As Nemo and the rest of the tank gang members including Marlin and Dory went over to go check in on Gill once They got to the house , The doctor was inside checking on Gill and moments after the doctor came out of the Gills house !

As Bloat asked The Doctor and replies , How's Gill is he gonna be okay! As The Tank Gang even Marlin, Dory and Nemo were wondering as if in concerned about There Friend!

The Doctor replies! No need to Worry Everyone Gill will be okay from here on out , I gave Gill some much needed treatment too I gave him special medicine and a therapist will be coming in with helping out Gill ! No need to worry everyone! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo and the Tank Gang went in unison, Whew!

—much much later—

As the day progresses and everyone was hanging out having a wonderful time and Marlin, Dory and Nemo and The Tank Gang playing together they soon saw Gill who was awake and Nemo was happy that Gill was okay, Nemo embraces Gill, With a hug and Gill smiles and returns the embrace , Gill replies! Hey there Sharkbait! No need to worry kid I'll be okay! As Marlin, Dory and the other tank gang members came to greet there friend /leader and They even gave Gill an embrace as well!

When the embrace, Peach replies! How do you feel Gill! Gill replies! Getting better! Slow recovery though ! Peach smiles and hugs Gill!

Gill smiles and blushes and returns the embrace ! Once the embrace broke , Gill asked the group and he replies! How about we play a game hide and go seek I'll be it! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo and The Tank gang members agreed with Idea!

As Everyone went to hide and Gill counts to 10! And When Gill counts to 10 ! Gill opens his eyes and says Ready or not here I come! As Gill went to go find everyone, Nemo chuckled softly as If he's being quiet as possible for Gill to find him! While Was searching for the others , Gill starts tired again because from the medicine he was given by the doctor and Gill started to feel drowsy and ends falling back to sleep and Gill rest on the sea floor snoring and with his eyes closed and Moments later everyone was waiting for Gill to find Them and they out of there hiding places realize Gill has fell asleep again, Gurgle facepalms himself, Jacques spoke in a French language as well he facepalms himself too! As If Jacques agrees with Gurgle!

As Deb checked Gill's pulse , Deb replies! He's okay I think it's do with the Medicine the doctor gave him ! As Peach replies! We should probably put him back in bed now that way he can rest ! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo and The Tank Gang members agreed! As they carried Gill back to his house , Peach and Deb puts Gill in bed and tucked him in and Peach gives him a kiss and Gill smiles in his sleep and When Peach leaves the room , Deb sings a lullaby to Gill to sooth him so that helps Gill rest! As Gill was fast asleep and also hears Debs sings to him and Gill smiles as if it's soothing him already ! As Gill falls right to sleep and Deb finish singing her lullaby and Deb rubs Gill's face gently and quietly leaves the room!

As for the remainder of the day, Gill rests in bed! Deb meets up back with the group and Tells them he's asleep! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo and the other tank gang members agreed and so They continue to play but kept it quiet this time !

—-later that night—

As the day progresses and it got late and the sun sets over the ocean and the moon rises over the ocean and gives off a beautiful glimmer effect on the water's surface!

As Marlin, Dory and Nemo thanked the tank Gang members for amazing day and they were glad they were able to see Gill! As Marlin, Dory and bib the tank gang a Goodnight! As The Tank Gang did the same in return! Once Marlin, Dory and Nemo left and they head back to there fish dens! The Tank Gang members soon went into there beds and fell fast asleep in there fish dens! As Peach sleeps with Gill to make sure he's okay and they way he's not by himself! As Peach smiles and kisses him gently as Gill was sleeping soundly and snoring quite a bit! As Peach tucked herself in a falls asleep with Gill!

Moments later: Once Marlin, Dory and Nemo arrived back at There place, Marlin and Nemo bid Dory a Goodnight and Dory did the same in return and Marlin, Dory and Nemo went into there fish dens and and they all went to bed and fell fast asleep ! And were sleeping soundly!

The End!

As requested by Magical Hyena I hope you like this new Finding Nemo fanfic! I absolutely enjoyed it too! :) :) :) :) I liked how Marlin, Dory and Nemo and the other tank gang members checked on Gill and The Doctor told them That Gill will okay from here on out! Anyways! I hope you like this new Finding Nemo fanfic I wrote! I absolutely enjoyed it too! :) :) :) :)