Authors note

Another finding Nemo fanfic request! As requested by my friend Magical Hyena! Story takes place after The fish had kids ! This will be a short one ! Hope you like it!

It was a beautiful day in the Great Barrier Reef, The sun rises over the horizon and gives off a beautiful glimmer effect on the oceans surface! As The sun shines threw the ocean and in the Window of Deb and Bubbles house, As Deb and Bubbles who were sound asleep in there bed and Trixie who was in her own room since Trixie was 6 , As Trixie was sound asleep in her bed making sleeping sounds !

Moments later Everyone was awake to greet there friends Marlin, Dory And Nemo!As Marlin , Dory and Nemo exchanged hugs and handshakes with there fins same for the Tank gang! Same goes for Nemo and Trixie! As Nemo and Trixie gave each other an embrace as well! As Dory replies, hi everyone! As The Tank Gang replies in unison, Hi Dory, Marlin, Sharkbait! As Nemo chuckled at the compliment knowing what they exactly meant ! As They greeted each other with hugs and handshakes with there fins ! As Deb replies! It's so nice to see you Guys again, As Trixie giggles playfully and replies! Hi Dory ! As Dory replies! Hi there Trixie! Your getting big ! How old are you? As Trixie politely replies! I'm 6 years old! How old are you! As Deb replies! Now Trixie it's not polite to say that! As Dory replies! Oh no need to Worry Hon I get that a lot Trust me!

As if Deb was correcting Trixie's choice of words and Bubbles reassures Deb and than Deb replies! May we ask of since you been staying with Marlin and Nemo and as friend! As Dory felt heart-warmed and Dory replies, Aww! That's so sweet! Of course!

Meanwhile! As the tank gang are busy taking care some stuff ! Marlin had watch duty ! So Marlin was watching Trixie, While Nemo is watching his little cousin too! As Trixie was told that She had to be good while Her parents Deb and Bubbles were with the Tank Gang doing some stuff!

While They we're doing there stuff ! As Marlin was telling Dory, Nemo and Trixie a story about his Wife who died to the Barracuda Attack ! As Dory cheered as Dory Replies! Ohh yay I like stories! Dory clapping her fins! As Dory sat down to listen To Marlin tells his story to Dory, Nemo and Trixie! As Trixie curiously replies, Who's Your wife , Mr Marlin! As Marlin replies! Ohh ! Trixie she was beautiful and cheerful ! Her name was Coral ! As Trixie smiles cutely, As Nemo was telling Trixie, Nemo replies! I think you would liked her Trixie!

Trixie replies, Did you ever meet her Nemo! As Nemo replies! Uhm good question Trixie! As Nemo gave his dad Marlin , Marlin nodded at the agreement! As Marlin replies! Nemo was only an egg ! When Nemo's mother was present! As Trixie went in ohh!

—much much later—

As the day progresses and the hours went by Marlin continued his story about Coral , As Dory, Nemo and Trixie went in unison ohh! As Dory replies! Wow Wonderful story Marlin! As Marlin replies! Thanks Dory ! Dory replies, Your Welcome! As Trixie replies! Wow ! Mr Marlin That's a wonderful Story! Nemo nodded in Agreement! As Marlin replies! Thanks Trixie!

As Trixie replies! Your welcome ! Trixie giggles playfully softly while she's holding her toy ! As Dory was talking with Trixie about what she liked about from Marlin's story and memories replies! I definitely liked the part where Marlin met Coral! Nemo nodded in Agreement, Nemo replies, Me too! As Marlin smiles about the great story and memories he told Nemo , Dory and Trixie as well! As Trixie replies, Cool ! Trixie giggles playfully and cutely !

As moments went by , The Tank Gang returned and Deb and Bubbles came to check on Trixie, As Deb replies! We're back! As Trixie replies! Mommy! Daddy! As Trixie goes to her parents Deb and Bubbles, As Deb smiles picked up Trixie, Who was giving her a kiss! As Bubbles replies! How was our little girl , We're you a good girl! As Trixie replies yes daddy! I was ! As Deb replies, That's our little girl!

As Deb tells Marlin, As Deb replies! Thank you so much for watching Trixie for us! As Marlin replies! No problem at all! I was just telling her story and past memories of how I met Nemo's Mother and my wife ! As Deb smiles in awwed and replies! I bet Your wife was amazing goldfish! As Marlin replies, Oh She was Clownfish Deb! As Deb replies! Oh ! Sorry Marlin ! Marlin replies! No worries Deb ! Besides it happens all the time !

As for the remainder of the day Marlin, Dory and Nemo were hanging out together talked and laughed together (with the Tank gang ) While Nemo and Trixie were playing together and Dory joined the kids to play with them! As Dory replies! Okay now it's my turn to count !

You guys go hide! As Nemo and Trixie went to go hide that way Dory can find them! As Dory start to count to 10! As Nemo and Trixie went to go hide! Just as Dory finished counting to 10 ! Dory went to go find Nemo and Trixie! As Dory replies, Hmm I wonder where Nemo and Trixie could be! I wonder where!

As Dory where Nemo and Trixie were hiding, Nemo and Trixie were giggling softly! While Nemo and Trixie were hiding under a sponge Reef! As Dory was very close to where she can hear faint giggles coming from under the sponge Reef! As Dory replies! I'm getting warmer ! As Nemo and Trixie giggles playfully and quietly than as if on cue ! As Dory replies Found You! As Nemo and Trixie replies in unison, You found us Dory! Hurrah! As Dory and the kids were playing together, While Marlin was smiling and than soon Marlin and the other Tank Gang came to join in the fun!

—- later that night—-

As the day progresses and it was getting late the sun was settling over the ocean the moon rises over the ocean giving off a beautiful glimmer effect on the water's surface! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo thanked the tank gang for the day ! With the fish exchanging handshakes with there fins!

As The tank gang and Trixie bid Marlin, Dory and Nemo a Goodnight for the day! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo waved back in return! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo went back to the there house ! And as soon as Marlin, Dory and Nemo left the Tank Gang bid each other Goodnight and they went right to bed! As Deb and Bubbles tucked in Trixie in her bed! As Deb and Bubbles gave Trixie a kiss Goodnight and Trixie smiles and falls right to sleep and As Soon as Deb and Bubbles tucked in Trixie! Deb and Bubbles went right to sleep as well! And they tucked themselves in and fell fast asleep!

Moments later, Marlin, Dory And Nemo soon did the same as they arrived home! Marlin, Dory and Nemo bid each other Goodnight for the day and they went into there cozy house and fell fast asleep!

The End!

As requested by my friend Magical Hyena! I hope you like it! I really enjoyed the new finding Nemo fanfic I wrote too! Hope you like it too! This will probably be my last finding Nemo fanfic for a while because I might start writing my A Bugs Life 2 fanfic possibly or another A Bugs Life one shot fanfic! Anyways! I Hope you like the new finding Nemo fanfic I wrote! :) :) :) :)

:) ;) ;)