Authors note

Another Finding Nemo fanfic request

This takes place before the fish have kids and Nemo was 8 at the time!

It was a beautiful night in the Great Barrier Reef ! The moon was shining threw the ocean gives off a beautiful glimmer effect on the water's surface!

Than there was distant screaming it was coming from the neighborhood of The Tank Gang, Who we're sound asleep in there beds at the time, Until they were shocked by the loud Screaming coming from Gill's house, Who was starting to have Violent mood swings!

As The Tank Gang members; Gurgle, Jacques, Bloat, Bubbles , Deb and Peach were very concerned about there leader as Peach attempted to go calm Gill down, As Peach replies! Uh Gill are you okay! Let us help you !

Peach tried to calm Gill down, Gill got enraged and Shoved Peach to the ground, As Peach wailed in fear, As Bubbles and Bloat shielded her to give time to get Peach out of the house, Bloat replies, Hold it there Gill, What's gotten into you! As if Gill looked like he was possessed! As Gill replies, Get out of my house!

As Bloat, Bubbles and Peach scurried out of the house, in fear! As Bubbles, Bloat and Peach got out safely and The other Tank Gang members; Jacques, Deb and Gurgle were shocked from what just happened with there friends! As Bloat , Bubbles's got Peach out and the others came to Peaches aid ! As Deb replies! What's gotten into Gill! As Bubbles replies, Someone has slept up on the wrong side of the bed ! Gurgle replies, This is getting out of hand ! Bloat replies! This isn't like Gill to shoved us out like that all that we're trying to do is help him!

As Peach weeping softly and replies, What are we gonna do ! We have gotta do something! As Jacques replies, in a ( French accent ) Nemo ! We We ! As if Jacques agrees and responds with Peach's question! As The other tank gang members went in unison with an Ohh!

They all agreed with the idea, As The Tank Gang Members went over to Nemo's house!

Meanwhile As Nemo Marlin and Dory were sleeping in there dens , and While Nemo was sleeping soundly next to father Marlin, As A moments later, A voice was calling , Nemo ! Nemo! As Nemo moaned tiredly and than falls back asleep! Than Moments later, A fin nudged Nemo on the side and Nemo moaned and Marlin moaned tiredly and falls back asleep, Than seconds later, As if in unison The Tank gang shouted at Marlin and Nemo threw there fish dens and this caused Marlin and Nemo to shot up and yelped! As Nemo and Marlin panicked for a moment! Than they realized it was there Tank Gang friends!

As Soon Dory reacts as well, By smacked the side of her head on the side of the roof Dory's fish den! As Dory panicked for a moment and She looked to the Tank Gang, As Dory yawned and replies! What are you guys doing here so late at night! Marlin tiredly replies! Do you guys even know what time it even is! Nemo yawned tiredly, What's going on guys is there something wrong!

Gurgle replies! We slight problem! We need your help ! As Deb replies! It's Gill ! He's having another of one of his violent mood swings, and he even hurt Peach too, As Peach was rubbing her Bruised spot replies , Please is there anything you guys can do help us! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo's eyes widened up once they heard the shocking news! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo agreed to help there friends out and The Tank Gang were very pleased to that Marlin, Dory and Nemo would come to help aide there friends out, As Marlin assist to help with healing Peach's bruises, Marlin gets a band aid , and covers the bruise to where Peach smacked ! As Marlin replies! How dose that feel Peach! Peach replies! Thank you so much Marlin! As Marlin replies! Your welcome Peach Anytime!

—later that night—

As the hours progresses threw the night and Once Marlin, Dory and Nemo arrived back to the Tank Gang's neighborhood and, As if all the sudden! Screams can be heard coming from Gill's house!

It was Gill he was going enraged as if someone was in there with him terrorizing Gill! As Marlin, Nemo , Dory and the Tank Gang got the shock and horror in there eyes! As Nemo was a little bit frightened, Marlin comforts him and By embracing Nemo, As Dory and The Tank Gang did the same! As Dory replies! It will be okay Nemo , Will find away to get Gill out of his mood swing state! Nemo sniffed sadly and replies, What is going on with Gill! Is Gill gonna be okay! Deb replies! It will be okay Nemo , Will get Gill out of his mood swing state somehow! Right guys! As Deb turned to the other Tank Gang Members: Bubbles, Gurgle, Jacques, Bloat and Peach, They all nodded in Agreement! As Bloat replies, It will be okay Sharkbait! Will wake up Gill somehow!

As Nemo was feeling a little bit better, with help of his father Marlin, Dory and the Other Tank Gang members that helped Nemo by embracing him! Than once Marlin, Dory And the tank gang helped comfort Nemo!

They start hearing Gill going rage , And starts going in a horror rage and Gill advances on Marlin, Dory and Nemo and the tank gang were in shocked and they reacted and screaming in fear, Nemo was frightened as can be , Marlin was reassuring him by having Nemo hide that way Nemo would be safe from Gills horror rage, As Marlin has Nemo hide under a nearby reef that is small enough for him to hide, As Nemo did so ! Marlin goes back to try to help aide the Tank gang and Dory who is screaming in fear!

After Marlin hears Dory screaming in fear, Dory replies with AAaaaggghhh! Because Gill was going after her, As Marlin reacts quickly and Gets Dory to follow Marlin, As if To try to get Gill away from Dory! And Once Marlin got Dory away from Gill, The tank gang come in and The Tank Gang formed them selves like a barricade that way Gill don't attack and hurt anyone else!

Marlin thanked The Tank Gang for Blocking Gill away from Dory and As Marlin took Dory to hide to keep her safe as well! Once Marlin had Dory hide , He went back to help the Tank Gang members try to get Gill to snap out of his horror rage! As The Tank Gang had there fins and body weight on Gill, As Gill was fighting with them violently and Gill was replies, Rrrgaahh ! Let go of me! As Marlin was helping the Tank Gang! As Bloat replies! Gill ! This isn't you snap out of it! Gurgle replies! Yah ! Stop this at once! Marlin replies! Yah Stop this now Your scaring everyone!

While Marlin and The Tank Gang, only The guys Gurgle, Jacques, Bloat and Bubbles and Marlin were holding Gill down , when they Were holding Gill down, Gill was getting more ragged than ever, As Peach was so worried for Gill, Peach started to have feelings for Gill but she didn't want to say anything yet until the time is right !Deb replies Please Gill snap out of it! Stop it now! As Peach and Deb we're staying on the sidelines in case of the guys need more help with snapping Gill out of it!

Moments later, the hours went by all of the fish were up all night and Gill unfortunately gave up from fighting them and Gill blacked out and falls back to sleep, While Marlin and The Tank Gang had Gill pinned down , As Marlin and The Tank Gang Members were so relieved and exhausted at the same time and So They got off Gill ! And All the fish putting Gill back into bed and than moments later the Tank Gang Members went back into there beds for the remainder of the day , As if everyone was slightly worried and scared about from what just occurred with Gill!

Soon Deb hatched an idea , Deb goes by herself into Gill's bedside and Sings him a lullaby as if on a way to help Gill get to sleep better! As Deb started to sing to Gill, As Gill is sound asleep and actually starts to listen to Debs lullaby singing voice it soothes Gill and Gill smiles and sleep and When Deb finish singing her lullaby to Gill she left out of the room quietly and went back to Hers and Bubbles partnering houses and Deb see Bubbles sound asleep! And Deb was in relief as well as she was so tired and exhausted from the night that Deb falls asleep in the bed with Bubbles!

—Later In the morning—

The sun rises over the the ocean and gives off a beautiful glimmer effect on the water's surface! And the fish were all a lot better from last night of course and especially Gill, Gill came to the group to apologize for his horrible mood swings! And Marlin, Dory and Nemo and the other Tank Gang members embraces Gill by hugging him, As They all says in unison, We forgive you Gill!

As The embrace broke, Gill smiles and has happy tears, As Nemo replies! Are you okay Gill! Gill replies, Im so sorry for all the trouble I put you guys threw ! I had no control over it ! As Peach replies! Everything will be okay Gill It's not your fault Gill! Peach hugs Gill for comfort and Gill blushes and returns the hug !

As Gill and Peach broke the hug , As Deb replies! I don't know if you were able to hear me but it was me that was singing a lullaby to you! As Gill smiles and replies, Yes Deb I was hearing you sing , Thank You! Deb replies, Your Welcome Gill anytime!

As Bloat replies! We're so glad your back Gill! Bubbles replies! We thought you weren't gonna break out of the rage, Jacques replies, We ! We! Gurgle replies, Well we did thought it was gonna last all night, Bloat smacks Gurgle to be nicer and As Gill smiles and chuckled softly, As if he got the memo! Gill replies, Thank You guys for helping me get me out of my Mood-swings ! Bloat, Bubbles,Gurgle and Jacques replies in unison, Your Welcome Gill!

As Bloat, Bubbles' , Gurgle and Jacques embrace there leader, With a hug! Then Soon , Marlin, Dory and Nemo and the rest of the tank gang members join in on the embrace , Gill smiles and blushes ! Soon moments went by and the fish decided to hangout together for the rest of the day!

The End !

As requested by Magical Hyena I hope you like this new finding Nemo fanfic I wrote ! I absolutely enjoyed it too! Anyways I hope you liked it too! I liked how Deb went into Gill's house and bedside and was singing Him a lullaby and How later Gill apologized to the group for his actions and his friends forgave him! Anyways I hope you like this new Finding Nemo fanfic I wrote! :) :) :) :)