Authors note

As requested by Magical Hyena! Story takes place before they have kids and Nemo was 8 at the time ! This will be a short one !

It was a beautiful day in the Great Barrier Reef the sun was shining over the ocean giving off a beautiful glimmer effect on the water's surface! And the sun shines threw the water surface in the home Marlin and Nemo, Who we're sound asleep, and Dory who was in her bed talking in her sleep, and Moments went by Marlin, Dory and Nemo were all awake and ready to start there day !

As Dory replies, So what are we doing today! Nemo replies! We're gonna see the tank gang ! Dory smiles, She cheered and replies Yeah that sounds like a good idea Nemo! As Marlin replies! Okay let's go but be careful though while on the way to see the tank gang ! Nemo replies! Yes dad! Dory replies! No worries Marlin we know ! Marlin replies, Okay! I'm sorry! Dory and Nemo embraces Marlin for comfort, As Marlin, Dory and soon went off together to go see the tank gang !

Than back at the tank gang housing community, All of them were awake accept for There Leader Gill, As Marlin, Dory and Nemo arrived and they were greeted by the tank gang members, All of the fish exchanged handshakes with there fins , Dory replies! Hi guys how are you doing today! Deb replies, Were doing great dear Thank you for asking ! Dory replies! Your welcome! As Nemo looks around wondering where Gill is , As Nemo replies, Where's Gill ! Gurgle complaints with crossing his fins replies! Take a good guess ! Bloat smacked Gurgle as if to be more nicer ! Bloat replies! Gill is sound asleep once again, Sharkbait! But will figure out something to wake him up! Nemo soon hatched a plan, As Marlin, Dory and the Tank Gang gathered in to listen in on Nemo's idea!

Dory chuckled in Agreement and Dory replies! Oh oh I already love where this is going! Jacques replies in a French accent , We We ! As Jacques helps Dory put there plan into action, With Marlin setting up a cord with Deb , Bubbles, Gurgle , Peach and Bloat helping Nemo by Nemo sneaking in quietly and places A Microphone next to Gill's bedside! As Gill was snoring and sound asleep! As of Nemo wonders how Gill could sleep for so long and not be awake!

As All of the fish got the cords in and Marlin has everyone hide in a location where Gill can't see them and Once everyone gathered around and Marlin asked who wanted to volunteer to blow threw the horn on the Microphone and Dory attempt to raise her fin to do it! As Marlin looked at the others about doing it , Bloat replies! I! Bubbles replies! Me! Jacques replies, We We ( Translates French Accent ) Yes I want to! As Deb replies! Wait a minute since this is Nemo's idea , How about Nemo dose it ! As The other fish agreed !

Nemo agreed with the idea, Nemo goes to the microphone and Marlin turned on the amplifier and Nemo takes a breath in and Marlin motions everyone to cover there hearing as Marlin, Dory and The Tank Gang did so ! Nemo went Rrrrrrraaaaaahhhhh! As the loud speaker in Gill's bedside rang which caused Gill to shot up and Panic , Gill pants because that sound scared the daylights out of Gill!

As Gill turned around and saw a cord and Gill facepalms himself with his fins, Gill replies! Really guys! Gill shakes his head and Swims over where the cord leads too! As Gill makes his way over and Gill heard distant laughter and When Gill sees it was Marlin, Dory and Nemo and The Other Tank Gang members laughing and Gill replies! So it was you that planned this ! As Dory replies, We gotcha !

We Gotcha ! As Gill realizes the truth ! He smiles and chuckled and replies, Well You got me Sharkbait! Gill pats Nemo on the head, Nemo chuckled softly and Soon all the fish were hanging out together!

—much much later /night —

As the day progresses and it was becoming nighttime as the sun starts setting in the horizon, The moon rises over the ocean and it gives off a beautiful glimmer effect on ocean !

As Marlin, Dory and Nemo thanked the Tank Gang for amazing day and They exchanged hugs and handshakes with there fins ! As The Tank Gang waved Goodnight to Marlin, Dory And Nemo! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo waved back and when back to there home and once Marlin, Dory and Nemo left the Tank Gang went right to bed! And moments later, When Marlin, Dory and Nemo arrived back at there home they bid each other Goodnight and they all fell fast asleep!

The End!

As requested by my friend Magical Hyena ! I hope you like this new finding Nemo fanfic I wrote I absolutely enjoyed this new finding Nemo fanfic! It was super cute and funny at the same time! I really enjoyed it too! Anyways! I hope you like this new finding Nemo fanfic!

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