Chapter Nine

When we stick Together

"Oh, so you heard of me!" said Rex raising a hand and then leaning his arm roughly over the side of his hatch. "Good."

"Heard of you? But Rex!" exclaimed Emmet. "You're Rex!"

"Of course I'm Rex. Who else would I be?" Rex demanded. " 'R'—'e'—'x'. Rex! And that's not an acronym for anything either. Best raptor trainer this side of the universe, and the other side too if you want to count it." He sniffed importantly.

"You mean your name doesn't stand for 'Radical Emmet X-treme'?" Lucy challenged.

Rex laughed. "No! 'Course not. Though, now that you mention it, I did used to have a younger brother a long time ago named Emmet…"

Emmet and Lucy blinked at each other and then back up at Rex.

Traffic honking and annoyed drivers' shouts sounded behind them with Rex's all-terrain vehicle the Rexcalibur blocking the road, but Emmet and Lucy hardly noticed as they were in such shock still.

"But since I'm kinda on a tight schedule," Rex went on with a shrug, "I don't have time to explain it all too you."

"Oh," murmured Emmet. "Okay."

"So there I was!" exclaimed Rex with extra drama. "A teenage boy. My mom just had my baby brother Emmet! And I got jealous cuz she was spending more time with him than me. So I thought I would just build a time machine and run away from home to somewhere I would be appreciated! At first I had trouble figuring out how, but I was determined. When I did I went back as far as I knew how—to the time of the dinosaurs, but when I got there, the time machine broke! I had no way to get back… I missed my family, but it was too late…" There was short pause of reflection, but Rex's spirits soon came back stronger than ever. "I was half-raised by raptors after I proved I wasn't afraid of them, but I had to find all the pieces of the time machine before I could get back. It took years to find them all one by one. In a volcano! In a spinosaurous's swamp! The underwater lair of the Mosasaur! Behind-my-cave-and-I-didn't-know-about-it-till-I-almost-gave-up-and-then-felt-like-an-idiot-for-a-few-minutes. Even inside the stomach of a Tyranasaurus Rex!"

"Wow," said Emmet with just a little bit of a shiver.

"Even when I managed to complete the time machine," Rex added, "I didn't know how to find my family since everything had changed so much. To this day I wish I could apologize to my brother for not being there for him…"

His voice trailed off as it grew somewhat gentle at the end.

The pause was rather a long one, giving Lucy time to look behind her at the angry drivers shaking their hands out the windows at them. She opened her mouth to mention it, but Emmet was already beginning his question and she did not want to interrupt, "Is…is your last name 'Brickowski'?" Emmet ventured.

"Yeah," said Rex with a raised brow. "How'd you know?"

"Uh, cuz that's my last name!" Emmet gasped.

Lucy now looked at Emmet and Rex again a couple times, wondering if she was going crazy in the Nexus Pocket again, but she knew that she wasn't even if she did feel a little dizzy.

"Really? No joke?" demanded Rex with a suspicious glower.

"Yes, really! My name is Emmet Brickowski!"

Rex frowned, and at first Lucy thought Rex was about to argue the point. Instead he laughed and said, "Well, then we should do a DNA test and see if you really are my long-lost-brother!"

"We should! Oh, oh, oh! That's where we're going now!" Emmet grinned. "This is my wife Lucy—"

"Uh, hi," said Lucy with an awkward little grin.

"And we're gunna find out if our baby's a boy or a girl!" Emmet cried, his grin now as wide as from eye dot to eye dot.

"Pleased to meet you, Lucy!" said Rex.

Lucy laughed just a little nervously.

"Come on! You can join us, Rex!" Emmet insisted.

"I was called here by city hall to do some raptor catching and train them back into shape," Rex said carelessly, "but I suppose they'd forgive me if I do that first."

"Uh—" Lucy started to say, but she did not get the chance as Rex disappeared behind his hatch.

With a wild U-turn and a deafening screech on his mean-looking tires, Rex parked in a parking lot. The Rexcalibur took up half of it.

Emmet looked at Lucy and grinned.

"But isn't that Rex Dangervest?" Lucy demanded in a hoarse whisper as she pulled Emmet close.

"It looks like him, and acts like him," Emmet admitted, "but maybe when I went crazy and evil, I somehow recreated my long lost brother for my persona or something when my future self wanted to be evil in some sort of psychological turmoil after being Undar the Dryar too long," Emmet whispered back.

"Uh…I guess that works…except how would you know about the dinosaur—"

"I was always obsessed with dinosaurs Mrs. Brickowski," said Rex popping out of his hatch and crossing the street towards them already. "Especially raptors."

"So!" said Emmet, "Don't mind the baby seat. You can put it in the trunk if you want, and right after we find out if we have a boy or a girl, we can do the DNA test with us two."

"Oh!" said Rex, waving his hand aside. "You don't have to worry about that. One of each should suit you."

"One of each?" demanded Lucy.

"Twins!" Emmet gasped. "That would explain why's there's so much motion inside you, Lucy."

Lucy smiled and shook her head remembering what Rex in the Nexus Pocket had said about seeing the future of Emmet back when he was still Emmet, but she also remembered something else too. Rex did say when they were in the Nexus Pocket that he was not Emmet anymore. She had not wanted to consider it at the time even though it was true. He could not have been Emmet in any sense when he was in the Nexus Pocket any more than he could be Emmet now if he had been as truly there as she was, because the time line from Emmet made no sense anymore.

The figure still existed even though he was no longer needed as Emmet anymore…

As Lucy looked up at the sky, she thought for just a moment she saw the fading images of a boy and a girl playing together over them and looking very content and amused with their work.

She closed her eyes feeling quite content herself as she thought of the twins she would have in the near future. Now they would have an uncle who trained sentient raptors. She chuckled to herself. She did not know about other worlds but in their world everything was awesome.


Mom smiled as she paused to peek down the basement steps.

"What's going on?" demanded Dad.

"Oh, they found the missing Emmet," said Mom with a shrug.

"Oh," said Dad rather absently and made to move on. "Well, that's good."

"Hey, wait a minute," Mom said.

Dad raised a brow.

"Why don't you go join them," she said.


"You used to love it, and I know you secretly still do. I think they're just afraid to ask you to join them," said Mom.

"Aww, I don't know…" Dad said.

"I think you'll regret it someday if you don't," said Mom crossing her arms, and she fixed her eyes into his with full seriousness.

Dad stared back stubbornly at first. Then he rolled his eyes. "Oh, okay, but I'm sure I'll only get in the way."

"I don't think so," said Mom. "You introduced the whole thing. They still respect you. They love you. Go ahead."

There was a pause, and Dad looked rather uncomfortable. "Aren't you coming too?" he demanded.

"This is something you should work out with them yourself."

Thoughtfulness clouded Dad's face a moment. Then he said, "Oh, fine," and he began walking towards them steps.

"Go get 'em, Master Builder," said Mom with a grin.

Dad looked up with surprise.

It had been some time since Mom called him that. It was the tease she had always lovingly given him before they were married and continued to call him right up until Finn was still pretty young and Bianca a toddler and they started to fight about the LEGOs and chased Dad away. She had used to call Finn that too when he was little.

Dad smiled. He lifted himself in a silly, proud sort of manner with head high and fist to his chest. He winked and Mom chuckling wryly as she watched him strut down the steps.

"As we used to say, 'the Bartowski residence, where everything is awesome!'" teased Dad.

It was not long after that when she heard the children welcome him, and they seemed very pleased to have him. Dad was pretty pleased too.

With a nod of satisfaction, Mom walked away leaving them to their new adventure with Business getting in trouble with the raptors in need of their new trainer with a little help from his brother and wife and a lot of help from Queen Wa'Nabi.

It is such a good way to relieve stress, Mom thought. Maybe I should take his invitation and join them myself some time.

She laughed.

"Me, building with LEGOs…" she muttered to herself with amusement, but she shrugged. Petting the cat who was not allowed in the basement she added to him, "Well, there's a first time for everything."