Benny had not realized just how dramatic and emotional everything had been with Aura's departure until she had vanished. Now that it was over, the silence was as empty as a song cutting out right in the middle of the bridge. The emotion dropped like a rock in the water. The ethereal lighting gave way to pale blue.

After blinking widely and blankly, Benny's usual non-existent brows grew in their minuscule way heavily over his eyes. He let out a quick but deeply -filled sigh and kicked a stud nearby. Then after another moment's pause in which he made sure that he could no longer feel Aura's presence immediately in his mind, he turned and started to walk away little noticing that the rip was still open, though shrinking very slowly.

Inside, shimmered the image of a very human girl taking leave of her good friend for the last time.


Her friend had only been here on a business trip of her father's that lasted a good several months. This was their last game. Their last day. After a hug, they parted, and the girl still holding Benny watched as the car drove away.

There was a hand on her shoulder, though, and a smile.

"Hey, Bianca…"

It was her brother…


The rip closed, and back in Benny's world, Emmet cleared his throat.

"Benny?" he asked.

Emmet had seen everything anyway including what had happened through the rip.

"Huh?" said Benny in surprise.

"You okay?"

"Oh, yeah, sure, I'm fine," said Benny.

"I'm sorry she had to go," said Emmet.

Benny shrugged. "Oh, you know those spacey adventures."

"Which ones?" Emmet asked wincing with confusion.

"Relationships with an alien usually just end pretty abruptly," said Benny. "It's cool. Besides, she mentally gave me her E-mail."

"Well, okay," said Emmet; he paused. Benny still looked pretty down to him; though. "Um…would…a ride in your spaceship cheer you up?"

Benny made a face.

"Who said I was sad?" But he sighed. "Well, yeah, it probably would." His face turned rather chipper again even if there was a little melancholy behind it. "Besides, we still gotta see what's left of Earthwhile!"

Emmet gasped. "Can I come too?"

"Suit up, Brickowski!" said Benny, "I'll get May and the crew!"

The End


In the Void in a sort of Void Minder transport— honestly, she was held in a girl's bag and she knew it— Aura blinked suddenly.

Had she just heard that through her mind?

She smiled and shrugged.

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