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What Benny does in his spare time.

Have you, reader, ever wondered what Benny does in his spare time?

Here's what.


Benny drifted through Space Cape (One of the realms), smiling.

This was the life.

He went over to his friend, Red.

"Hey, Red. Wanna make a spaceship?"

"DO I EVER!?" Red screamed jovially, collecting some bricks.

They put brick on brick, brick on brick, brick on brick, until a classic blue and white spaceship had been made.

"High Five!" Yelled Benny, holding up his arm.

"But... we don't have five on our arm." Red Pointed out.

Benny nodded thoughtfully. "Fair point."

Suddenly, a sleek black and yellow ship came out of hyperspace.

"Gaaahh! It's space villain!" Screamed Red, as everyone but Benny panicked.

A Hologram beamed in front of Benny.

"Space Villain! How you doin', man!?" Cried Benny, more pleased than most people would be to see his deadly nemesis.

"Great... apart from recovering from you shoving me into a black hole... great." The black-space-suit-wearing figure replied Sarcastically.

"Oh, yeah... so, what's your evil plan this time?" Smiled Benny.

"Oh, attack your stupid 1980s stuff with my SUPERIOR 2011 spaceships! I shall destroy them all!"

With that, a yellow laser fired at the spaceship Benny and Red had built, destroying it.

The space-peeps gasped in horror.

Then they panicked some more.

"Slowly float through Space in the Opposite direction! It's our only hope!" Cried One Spaceperson.

"That's Martian talk! C'mon, guys! Make yourselves some weapons!" Cried Benny. "And more importantly; Build. Some. Spaceships!"

The space-peeps let out a cheer of assent, and began building weapons and spaceships.

Hammers. Axes. Swords. Laser guns.

Starfighters. Battleships. Cruisers.

Hot dogs.

As Benny Finished his pre-battle meal, he jumped into the spaceship he made.

It wasn't a specific type of fighting spaceship, just a fighting spaceship.

"SPACESHIP!" Benny screamed, moving forward.

His army moved towards the bad guy spaceship.

Space Villain laughed. "I hope you like my Anti-Spaceship cannon!" He crowed, pressing a red button with a black skull-face on it. Classic.

An enormous cannon practically jumped out of his spaceship, bigger than the evil spaceship itself, and shot the spaceships, breaking them apart.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Screamed Benny, distraught.

"HAHAHAHAHA! As long as you use Spaceships, you can't defeat me!"

Benny stood up. "Wait... Can you repeat that?"

"As long as you use spaceships, you can't defeat me?"

"He's right! C'mon, everyone! Hit it with your weapons, and as hard as you can!" Cried Benny, lifting up his battle-axe.

"Uh-oh..." Said Space Villain.

Red POUNDED the booster rockets, destroying them with one blow.

Laser-Gun-spacemen sired upon it's underbelly, wrecking it.

Finally, Benny slashed the cockpit with his truly ENORMOUS battle-axe, making Space Villain fall out of it, into the void of space.

The Space-peeps grabbed him before he could escape.

"What should we do with him, Benny?"

Benny thought to Himself. "Into the Black Hole again!" He cried.

"Oh, nooo! Please, it stinks in there!" Moaned Space villain, as the Space-peeps built a spaceship with a cage inside.


They came upon the black hole.

"Any last words?" Asked Benny.

"Um, yes. Can you let me go, please?" Asked Space Villain.

The space-peeps blinked.

"Well, since you said please." Replied Benny, unlocking the cage.

Space villain drew a laser gun.

"Oh, look over there!" Cried Red.

"I'm not falling for that old one!" Scoffed Space Villain.

"No, there really is something over there!" Said Benny.

"Why should I believe that?"

"Would a Hero lie?"

"Good point." Space Villain turned to look.

"For a good cause, YES!" Cried Benny, grabbing Space Villain and throwing him down the Black hole.

"I didn't see that commiiiiiiiiiiiiinng!" Yelled Space Villain, as he went down the hole.


Varian grinned. "Now, let's build some more SPACESHIPS!"


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