Authors note!

Another Finding Nemo fanfic request by Magical Hyena! Hope you like it! Note story takes place the prequels of Peach's Surprise and The Birth of Deb and Bubbles Child! Nemo was present! :) :)


It was a beautiful day in the Great Barrier Reef, The Sun rises over the ocean and gives off a beautiful glimmer effect on oceans surface and As the sunlight shines threw the ocean, In the home of Marlin, Dory and Nemo, They we're making sleeping sounds in there beds ! Dory was talking a little bit in her sleep, Dory accidentally hits her head once again on the side of the corrals ceiling, Which Caused Dory to wake up, Dory yawned and She stretched her fins and tail out and Dory opened her eyes! As Dory soon went to go wake up Nemo and Marlin!

As Moments Dory , Marlin and Nemo were awake and eating breakfast together and moments later ! They headed out to go see there friends the Tank Gang, As Marlin, Dory and Nemo were swimming over to the Tank Gang's neighborhood, Dory was humming " Just Keep Swimming " , Marlin groaned as if he had to hear Dory's humming! Nemo nudged his father! Marlin realize that Nemo was right and Marlin kept swimming along !

Then moments later, Marlin, Dory and Nemo arrived at The Tank Gang's neighborhood! As Nemo see The Tank Gang outside there houses doing some stuff to get ready ! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo waved to The Tank Gang , Marlin replies! Hello ! Dory replies, Hi everyone ! Nemo replies! Hi guys! As The Tank Gang stopped what there doing , The Tank Gang went in unison, Hi Marlin! Hi Dory ! Hi Sharkbait! As Nemo chuckled at the remark ! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo and The Tank Gang exchanged hugs and handshakes with there fins! As The Tank Gang , Marlin, Dory and Nemo were talking about stuff, Moments later, Deb feels a little kick in her belly , Deb reacts with a Oh My ! Bubbles comes to Deb's aide , Bubbles replies! Are you okay Deb! Deb replies! I'm okay Bubbles! Just felt a kick ! I think our little baby is almost ready to come out soon , Deb smiles as she rubs her tummy gently! Nemo concerned , Nemo Swims over to Deb and Bubbles, Nemo replies! Are you okay Deb, Deb replies! Aww I'll be okay Nemo ! But Thank You! Nemo replies! Your Welcome Deb!

Marlin looks around wonders where Gill is , Marlin replies! Uh Where's Gill at! As Gurgle sighs, Gurgle replies, As usual In his mood swing mood again! Marlin replies, Oh dear Is there anything we can do to help ! Bloat replies, No need to worry , Peach has it taken care of ! Marlin replies! Ok than as long as you guys got it taken care of !


As the day progresses and Everyone was hanging out together, Nemo was talking with Dory who taking with Bloat and Jacques, Jacques speaks in a French language that they can't quite understand , Jacques salutes like a military sergeant , Nemo , Dory and Bloat chuckled, Dory replies! You guys are funny ! Oh I got one knock knock ! As Nemo , Bloat and Jacques went in unison, Who's there! Dory says! Arentcha ! As Nemo ! Bloat and Jacques in unison , Arentcha Who! Dory replies! Arentcha you goons eat Anchovies! As Nemo , Bloat and Jacques burst out laughing! Which was a funny joke Dory told!

Dory says! Okay Who's next, Nemo replies! Oh I got one! Nemo replies! Ok ! Knock knock! As Dory, Bloat, Jacques went in unison, Who's there ! As Nemo replies with, Orange! As Dory, Bloat and Jacques replies in unison, Orange Who! As Nemo replies! Orange A You gonna eat a banana! As Dory, Bloat and Jacques was laughing like a crazy! Until there was shout coming from Gill and Peach's house , As Marlin, Dory, Nemo, Bloat, Gurgle, Deb and Bubbles looked and heard the shout coming from Gill and Peach's house, Gill was having one of his mood swings!

As Peach was trying to calm down Gills mood swings, Peach replies! Gill ! Please calm down honey , This ain't like you ! Gill replies! What do you mean , Your the one who's over reacting Peach ! As Gill was yelling at Peach ! Once Marlin, Dory, Nemo and the rest of the tank gang arrived on site to see if they can assist the situation! As They see Gill slapped Peach on her face , As Everyone gaped they saw Gill slapped Peach , Peach weeps quietly, As Marlin, Dory, Nemo and the other Tank Gang came to her aide! Dory appoarched Gill, Dory replies! You are nothing but a Grumpy Gill's! Gill with a confused look on his face , Gill replies! What! Was does this haft to do with me! Marlin appoarch Gill , Marlin replies! What Dory means is why would you that to Peach ! She is just trying to help you! As The Tank Gang nodded in Agreement, As Nemo who was concerned about Gill! As Nemo approach Gill, Nemo replies! Gill ! We're worried about you! Let us help you Gill!

Gill scowled at them then at Nemo, As Gill replies So this is what this about huh ! Gill slapped and huts Nemo , Just like he did to Peach, Nemo felt the owie where Gill slapped him! As Marlin, Dory and The Other Tank Gang saw Gill do that poor Nemo! Nemo was weeping softly and Marlin, Dory and The other Tank Gang came to his aide, As Marlin comforts his Son , Marlin gave Gill a dirty look! As Gill's face expression changed from angry to sad , As If Gill realizes what he's done to Poor Nemo!

Bubbles replies! What was that Gill! Gurgle replies! That was uncalled for Gill! Jacques gives Gill a dirty look speaks in French language of That He didn't like what Gill did too Nemo! As Marlin says, Nobody slaps my son like that Nobody! Dory replies! How would you like it , If you get smacked at haw ! Do You! Do You! As Gill frowns and Weeps in tears and swims off! As If To think What Gill has done to Nemo and Peach !

When Gill swims off to think what he's done, The others realize they took it too far too, They we're supposed to be helping Gill , Not The other way around! Once They checked on Nemo and Peach! Nemo and Peach were okay!

With help of some Band Aides to cover the bruises ! Than Moments later, The group goes to find Gill ! Gill was weeping quietly! Gill covers his face and talks to himself as if he was feeling bad for what he did and Was wanted to say Sorry !

Than moments later! A voice called To Gill, Who Gill soon heard his name called! And Gill turned around to see his friends! Marlin replies! We wanted to apologize to you Mr , Gill ! Dory replies! We felt bad for getting out of hand on you! As The Tank Gang went in unison! We're Sorry Gill! As Marlin! Dory! Nemo and The other Tank Gang members came to Gill , They gave Gill by Embracing Gill ! As Gill returns with the Embrace! Gill weeps quietly replies to the group, Im Sorry Guys Can you ever forgive me! As The Embrace broke ! Deb replies, We forgive you Gill! Bubbles replies, We didn't realize you we're having another Mood swing Attack ! Gurgle replies! We didn't know and had no idea! Bloat replies! From now on will help you ! We promise you Gill!

As the fish embraces eachother for comfort and passion! And Marlin, Dory and Nemo and the other Tank Gang headed back to go hangout for the rest of the day !


As the day progresses and it was becoming nighttime! The sun was setting and moon shines bright light on the ocean creating a beautiful glimmer on the ocean ! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo were thanked by The Tank Gang especially Gill for helping him with overcoming his mood swings ! As Marlin, Dory and Nemo says in unison! Your Welcome Guys ! Marlin replies, Anytime! Mr Gill sir !

As Marlin, Dory and Nemo left and they head back to there fish homes, The Tank Gang waved to them Goodnight and As soon as they went to bed, Peach comes by Gill , Peach comforts Gill by giving him a hug and embrace, As Gill smiles and replies, Thanks Peach ! Peach smiles and replies Your Welcome Gill! We're here for you always! Peach touched her tummy as if she wanted to tell Gill the news , Peach replies, Gill Honey ! Gill replies! Yes Peach ! Peach replies, Im pregnant! Gill gaps and replies, Wait you are ! Peach says, Yes I am ! We're gonna be parents! Gill with happy tears replies , Oh Peach this is wonderful! I'm so happy ! Gill picked up Peach! Peach chuckled and smiles! And Gill asked Peach if She told anyone else yet and Peach tells Gill that she already have told the others a while ago ! The other tank gang members including Marlin, Dory and Nemo were thrilled that Peach was pregnant! Soon moments after! Gill and Peach went to bed in there cozy little homes! Went fast asleep! Than Once Marlin, Dory and Nemo got back to there homes they went right to sleep in there cozy little homes and fell fast asleep!

The End!

Whew ! Another New Finding Nemo fanfic! As Requested by Magical Hyena! I hope you like this new Finding Nemo fanfic I did ! I liked it too! :) :) :) :) I liked how everyone wanted to help Gill and Gill made peace with his pals again! Anyways! I hope you like this new Finding Nemo fanfic I wrote! :) :) :) ;) ;)