It was a beautiful day in the Great Barrier Reef. The sun shone through the ocean slides.

Nemo, who was 8 years old, his father Marlin and friend Dory were babysitting Trixie, the 7-month-old daughter of Bubbles and Deb, while the Tank Gang are getting ready to go out out shopping and running errands.

"Okay, Nemo, honey. Me, Gill and the rest of the gang are going out shopping and running errands, since we have a lot to buy on our shopping list. So, can you, your father and Dory watch over Trixie, Bubbles and Deb's daughter for us?"

"Oh, of course, Peach! We can do that," Nemo responded sweetly.

Marlin felt confused, but Dory reassured him that everything will be fine.

"That's my boy!" Gill said as he hugged his godson Nemo, who giggled.

But suddenly, Trixie whimpered a bit, feeling nervous. Bubbles and Deb reacted, and reassured their daughter; Her aunt Peach and uncles Gill, Bloat, Gurgle and Jacques did the same.

"Don't worry, Trixie, sweetie. Me, your father and auntie Flo will be back tonight for some other time," Deb said sweetly.

In agreement, Bubbles nudged Trixie kindly as he said,

"It'll be fine, hon. Of course Nemo, Marlin and Dory are gonna babysit you for hours."

Trixie agreed what her parents are saying, and beamed a smile. As she, Nemo, Marlin and Dory bid the Tank Gang goodbye, the three began to babysit Trixie, while Gill and Peach started their day out being meant for each other, while inviting their gang for a hangout.


Nemo was in Trixie's room, trying to see if she was in her crib, due to her naptime. Once he didn't notice until now, his little cousin must have snuck out and she has gone missing!

"Dad!" Nemo called.

"Nemo, what's wrong?" Marlin asked.

"My cousin Trixie's not here!" Nemo replied.

Dory gasped, and began to think where Trixie went.

"Dory, do you know where Trixie was?" Marlin asked Dory.

As Dory felt upset, she didn't get the answer to the question.

"Oh, dear, Marlin, I totally forgot!"

Marlin frowned and scowled at Dory a little bit. But Nemo stopped the fight, making Marlin feel bad, so he apologized to Dory for scolding her.

"Wait!" Dory gasped as she thought quickly.

Trixie was with her cousin Nemo, uncle Marlin and aunt Dory, while the Tank Gang made sure they get everything needed for shopping and running errands.

Once they left, Nemo and Trixie went to her room, leaving Marlin and Dory in the living room. Trixie giggled quietly and slowly snuck out through the cave walls, and swam out to sea without anyone noticing. Once Trixie giggled again, she made infant sounds while seeing the whale and shark family: Bruxe and Destiny with their twins Jonas and Rosemary, with their uncles Bailey, Chum and Anchor.

Trixie made infant sounds again as the baby shark twins, Destiny, Bailey, Bruce, Chum and Anchor faced her.

"Wha— A baby?!" Anchor asked in confusion.

"Mates, I think she's lost," Bruce said.

"Aww, poor little girl," Destiny added sadly.

"Hey, lil' one, are you lost?" Bailey asked as he swam to Trixie.

Trixie stared, but made happy infant sounds.

"Guys, can we keep her? She's so cute!" Bailey asked.

Destiny, Bruce, Chum and Anchor facepalmed themselves.

"Oh, Bailey," Destiny said.

Bruce and Anchor groaned in annoyance.

"Let me handle this, mates," Chum told everyone as he swam up to Trixie, who shuddered fear while she was looking at Chum's teeth, since he was a mako shark.

"Hey, it's okay, little one. Come on out, we won't hurt you," Chum told Trixie with passion.

As Trixie shuddered, she swam up to Chum, who held her in his fins.

"Don't worry. We'll help you find your family," Chum said.

"Chum, that's a good idea!" Anchor said.

"You're a genius!" Bruce said.

Then, the others swam out with them to find Trixie, as if to know that their fish friends are her family, they believe.

AH! Trixie's swimming out to sea! I know she was there!" Dory squealed.

"What? Where is Trixie, Dory?" Nemo asked.

"She's alone!" Dory answered.

"Oh, no," Marlin said with gape,

"Quick, Nemo, Dory! Follow me!"

Marlin grabbed the one of the fins of Nemo and Dory and dashed out of the Tank Gang's den and go to the shopping center.


The Tank Gang had bought some cleaning materials, etc.

"Volía! We've got everything!" Jacques said.

Nodding, Gill told his gang,

"Alright, gang! That's all we bought. Good work!"

Once they were about to head over to the checkout area, they heard a voice saying,

"Stop, stop!"

The Tank Gang turned; it turns out to be Nemo, Marlin and Dory.

"Guys, I remember something! Trixie snuck out!" Dory said.

"What?! Where?" Gill panicked.

"Well, we checked if she is in her room, or anywhere in your house, but she isn't here," Marlin replied.

"Well? Let's find her!" Peach told everyone.

Deb was concerned about her daughter, while Bubbles reassured that he thinks Trixie might be out somewhere. Gurgle, Bloat and Jacques prayed that their niece would be found.

It was getting late, the day was close to nighttime.

Nemo, Marlin, Dory and the Tank Gang have been asking many fish where Trixie was. But the fish told them that they haven't. Nemo, Marlin, Dory and the Tank Gang felt sad and upset that Trixie couldn't be found anywhere.

Deb was very upset that her daughter was missing, and Bubbles comforted his mate, reassuring the same thing.

"Well, Nemo, I'm so sorry. We've tried finding your cousin," Marlin said sadly to his son.

Dory reassured the sad couple, while the other Tank Gang members felt very upset for their missing niece.

"Oh, dad, you're right! We're all out of ideas," Nemo said as he sniffled,

"How are we gonna find my cousin Trixie now?!"

As Nemo started crying a little bit, Gill was the one to reassure his godson.

"There, there. It's okay, Sharkbait. You may feel free to tell us if you have any ideas," he said.

"HAH, I knew Trixie would be sneaky!" Gurgle added sarcastically and crossed his fins,


Bloat felt enraged and slapped Gurgle directly as he urged,

"Be nice, Gurgle! Trixie was lost now and there's no way to find her back!"

"Oui! So immature of you," Jacques scowled in agreement.

Bubbles glared at Gurgle, and Deb was about to have mood swings at him.

"Excuse me!" a voice said.

All of the fish turned; it was Destiny, Bailey, Bruce, Chum and Anchor, with the baby shark twins.

"Oh, hi!" Dory said back.

"What's the problem, mates?" Bruce asked.

"We were looking for the missing member of the Tank Gang named Trixie," Marlin replied.

"And she got lost," Gill said as he comforted and lulled his godson Nemo in his fins,

"Now, have you seen her?"

Destiny, Bailey, Bruce, Chum and Anchor, and the baby shark twins felt concerned about everything that was told by the fish.

"Please. We don't want to forget, just like from suffering a short-term memory loss," Dory chimed in sadly.

"Aw, Dory, we'll help you find her," Destiny said sadly.

Just then, there was faint sounds coming from the baby stroller where Jonas and Rosemary were sitting at.

"Hey, men, can you check your stroller just a moment?" Bailey asked as he noticed it.

Bruce, Chum and Anchor noticed that it was coming from underneath. Once Chum held something in his fins, he revealed it. Turns out, it was Trixie!

"Hey, is this the one you're looking for?" Chum asked as he gave Trixie to the fish.

Trixie smiled as she giggled and made infant sounds. Deb facepalmed herself with a chuckle. Bubbles took Trixie from Chum's fins and cradled her in his own fins.

"Oh, Trixie, there you are, little lady! We thought we lost you!" he exclaimed.

Trixie giggled as she embraces her father back. Deb joined the embrace and chuckled, nuzzling her daughter with passion.

"Oh, dear, our sweet little girl! Don't you ever sneak away from us like that!" she sobbed a little bit with joy.

"Trixie! Oh, thank goodness! You're finally here!" Nemo cheered as he hugged his cousin tightly with happy tears,

Marlin and Dory smiled. Gill joined the action with them.

"Our niece!" Gurgle, Bloat and Jacques cried in unison as they embraced their niece Trixie, like Nemo, Bubbles and Deb did.

Marlin, Dory and Gill thanked Destiny, Bailey, Bruce Chum and Anchor for finding their lost niece for them.

Destiny, Bailey, Bruce Chum and Anchor nodded with smiles and said in unison,

"You're welcome!"

"That's what friends are here for," Destiny said in awe.

"Agreed," Bailey agreed.

"Remember, mates; 'fish are friends, not food'!" Bruce, Chum and Anchor said in unison.

The baby twin sharks Jonas and Rosemary giggled while making infant sounds in agreement.

Marlin, Dory and Gill smiled at those remarks, and the three joined the embrace to their family and even their niece Trixie, who was finally found.

Much, much later…

Nemo, Marlin, Dory and the Tank Gang bid Destiny, Bailey, Bruce, Chum and Anchor goodbye, while they return it. Then, Nemo, Marlin, Dory and the Tank Gang bid each other goodnight.

As Nemo got himself situated in the sea anemone, Marlin led Dory to her home. Dory laid down and fell right to sleep as Marlin smiled, and swam to his son. Then, he laid next to Nemo, who fell asleep. Marlin smiled, put a fin around his son, and fell asleep.

In the other den, Bubbles and Deb tucked Trixie to bed, next to them, giving her a goodnight kiss. Then, Bubbles and Deb fell asleep, with their fins around together; as Gill, Peach, Gurgle, Bloat and Jacques saw Bubbles and Deb asleep with their daughter Trixie next to them, the five felt awed. Then, they all got situated on the ground, falling asleep.