Chapter 1: Confusion

'Ugh my back hurts,' I thought to myself.

Not wanting to, I opened my eyes, but all I saw That's confusing, oh wait never mind, my eyes are adjusting now. Although I still only see red, and pink, and other shades of red. What happened to the color in the world? I made out a tree and a bunch of wreck-wait wreckage.

'Yeesh' I thought as I got a giant ass migraine. 'Where am I' I thought again, for some reason my brain is as blank as a fresh sheet of paper. 'Ow' another sharp pain.

I reached over to the side of my head, and felt a helmet? 'How the hell did this get on' I tried to pull it off. 'Ugh' more pain, it's like it's part of my skin. I pounded my fist in frustration on the side of the helmet. I must of hit something, because there was a whirring and a female robotic voice, "Nanosuit online."

That's when I noticed that the color had returned to the world. I looked down at my arms for the first time, and I noticed a snakeskin like sleeve complete with glove was on it.

There were also buttons, and Dog Tags. 'Great at least that's something to help me understand what's going on.' All the Dog Tags said were Mike Carrillo, and Call sign: PROPHET.

'Ahhugh' I cried out as a really searing hot pain revealed itself in my head. That's when I saw the craziest thing in my life. I saw Aliens, I saw guns blaring, I saw a futuristic city in ruins.

Then I heard a language I didn't recognize. A language that consisted of a bunch of ticking and humming. Another sharp pain, and I came back to my senses. Dazed and confused I tried to stand up. As soon as I got on my feet, I realized my mistake.

I tripped, and tumbled down the slope of a really steep, really green hill. Then I hit my head on a tree. Not entirely knocking me out, but I was in a bit of pain. On top of the pain I was already experiencing. Then I fell off a cliff, plummeting straight down into the water below.

'How am I still breathing?' That probably shouldn't have been the first thing I thought of when I became conscious.

I was especially confused, because I was floating near the bottom of a river? 'Maybe it's the suit' Boy was I confused.

Swimming to the surface I noticed scales around the edges of my visor. Even that was starting to fade.

Finally getting to the surface, I climbed out of the river. Taking a moment to gather my surroundings, I saw a village on the horizon. My Nanosuit said it was approximately 4.3 miles north-east. I could get used to that.

I would start on my way to the village, but then again I would probably pass out from exhaustion. So I decided to rest up a bit. Covering myself up with a bunch of oversized leaves. I leaned against a tree in the most comfortable way I could.

I started to fidget with all the buttons on my arms. I found the one that put the scales on my visor. I also found one that opened a compartment full of grenades. I pushed a blue button, and my suit made a quiet hissing sound. I turned invisible, cutting it short, I now believe nothing could possibly surprise me anymore.

Thinking this could help me stay camouflaged, I went to sleep.

Waking up still feeling like the sorest person alive. I realized my invisibility was no longer operative. Taking note of this, I was on my way to the village.

I started jogging at an even pace, and bolted forward suddenly. I was running as fast as a car, I'd be at the village in no time. 'O.K. I should slow down a little,' But I couldn't I just kept speeding up. About now is the time I should start getting scared.

I was getting scared, until I realized a red alert light flashing on my right arm. I pushed it and a little holographic dial popped up. Twisting it slightly lower, I noticed an immediate change in speed. Realizing I can change my speed, gave me another amazing sense of power.

'I'll get to this village in no time.'

'These animals look very, very strange,' I thought as I saw a dog/bug looking animal. Also, I've deduced that this area is green, and full of life. This run wasn't even phasing me, I was still breathing at a normal, beat up pace. Even that was healing.

Eventually I reached the village, and it was bursting with all kinds of life. Everyone was staring at me.

I kept walking.

I found myself winding deeper, and deeper into the heart of the village.

'Why is everyon- CLANK!

Someone had just hit me in the back of the head. I turned around, and there was a sledgehammer on the pieces.

"We don't like soldiers in this town," Said the closest man. He was wearing blue and green. His buddy looked pretty shady, and probably homeless.

I was easily outnumbered.

The man closest to me took a hard left swing at my face. I caught his arm, bent it back, heard a snap. Then I punched him in the throat, hearing another loud crunch, and a quick scream in pain.

I had way to much power. I needed to be careful. I turned to look at the other goon, and he fled.

Walking through the town was not easy. Every turn I took, people were mumbling and pointing. I was going to snap, but the thing that really set me on edge, was when I heard somebody mumble "Prophet..."

I leaped at the guy. Although I think I overshot it, seeing I was almost to the outskirts of the village. I got a good look of his face though, and I know he got one of mine.

As soon as I landed, I was running. Turning my dial to almost top speed, I was crashing through walls. Thinking of nothing other than the mans face, his terrified eyes. I broke through the last wall, and grabbed the man by his throat.

Jumping with the man, we ended up on a roof. "What did you say about Prophet?" I screamed in his face.